Kia Clarus/Credos

1995-2001 of release

Repair and car operation

KIA Klarus
1.1. Periodicity of maintenance
+ 2. FE DOHC engines and Т8 DOHC
+ 3. Greasing system
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Power supply system and release
+ 6. Fuel system
+ 7. Ignition system
+ 8. Coupling
+ 9. Mechanical transmission
+ 10. АКП G4A–EL
+ 11. АКП 50–40 LE
- 12. Axes and power shafts
   12.1. Specifications
   12.2. Rotary fist and nave of a forward wheel
   12.3. Repair of a rotary fist
   12.4. Back suspension bracket
   12.5. Back axis
   12.6. Power shafts
   12.7. Right driving and intermediate shaft
   12.8. Dismantling and assembly of an intermediate shaft
   12.9. Left power shaft
   12.10. A power shaft with CV JOINTS of tripoidny type
   12.11. Search and elimination of malfunctions
+ 13. Steering
+ 14. Wheels and tires
+ 15. Suspension bracket
+ 16. Body
+ 17. Central air
+ 18. Electric equipment
+ 19. Brake system
+ 20. Electric circuits

12.10. A power shaft with CV JOINTS of tripoidny type


2–cтопорное ring;
4–case of the tripoidny hinge;
5–lock ring;
6–hinge of tripoidny type;
7–protective cover;
8–an ABS sensor rotor (the cars equipped with anti-blocking system of brakes);
9–shaft and ball hinge assembled.



Establish on sponges of a vice of laying and fix in them the hinge.

In operating time do not allow hit in the hinge of a dust and alien subjects.

Do not assort the spherical hinge from a wheel.

Do not wash out the hinge if it does not understand.

1. Lift fixing uvula of a collar a screw-driver and remove a collar, having used nippers.


Be careful not to damage a protective cover.

2. For the correct repeated assembly put labels on the case of the hinge and a shaft.
3. Special пассатижами remove a lock ring and a hammer through a brass core bring down a support of rollers of tripoidny connection from a power shaft.


Assorting the tripoidny hinge, be accurate not to drop rollers.

Put labels on the hinge and rollers then to bring together them correctly.

Do not damage rollers.

At removal of a support of rollers of tripoidny connection from a power shaft do not establish a brass core on rollers.

4. Clear a support of rollers of tripoidny connection.
5. Remove collars and pull together protective covers of the ball CV JOINT and the Birfield CV JOINT.


If the protective cover is repeatedly used, before cover removal for its protection wrap up shlitsa of a power shaft a sticky tape.

Needlessly do not remove a cover from a wheel.

6. Remove an ABS sensor rotor.
7. Check a condition шлицов a power shaft.
8. Check on lack of traces of a rust, water and extraneous subjects in a protective cover of the CV JOINT
9. Check a support of rollers of tripoidny connection on lack of wear or corrosion.


1. Assembly is carried out in sequence, return dismantling, taking into account the following.
2. The special adaptation establish on a shaft an ABS sensor rotor.


The cover from a wheel differs from a cover from differential.

3. Before cover installation for its protection wrap up shlitsa of a power shaft from the tripoidny hinge a sticky tape.
4. Enclose greasing in a protective cover of the CV JOINT from a wheel and establish a cover on the hinge.

Amount of greasing: 90-110 g

5. Combine earlier put labels and, having used a tube and a hammer, establish the tripoidny hinge.


Do not damage the bearing.

6. By means of the special tool establish a lock ring.
7. Put greasing in a casing of the tripoidny hinge and a cover.

Amount of greasing:
MKP: 165-185 g
AKP: 135-155 g


Do not damage and do not overwind a cover.

Raise a cover a little to let out from under it air.

8. Measure length of a power shaft.

Right side
Left side
Т8 DOHC 655,4 654,7 636,9 634,9
FE DOHC 582,7 582,2 635,2 634,7
9. Flat-nose pliers straighten a collar.

10. Bend a clamp and fix the collar end.