Kia Clarus/Credos

1995-2001 of release

Repair and car operation

KIA Klarus
1.1. Periodicity of maintenance
+ 2. FE DOHC engines and Т8 DOHC
+ 3. Greasing system
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Power supply system and release
+ 6. Fuel system
+ 7. Ignition system
+ 8. Coupling
- 9. Mechanical transmission
   9.1. Specifications
   9.2. Check of level of oil
   9.3. Oil replacement
   9.4. Transmission removal
   9.5. Transmission installation
   9.6. General recommendations about transmission dismantling
   9.7. Dismantling, check of a fifth / reverse gear and case
   9.8. Dismantling of knots of a case of coupling and transmission case
   9.9. Replacement of oil consolidation of differential on the car
   9.10. Dismantling of primary shaft of a transmission
   9.11. Dismantling of a secondary shaft of a transmission
   9.12. Check of details of primary and secondary shaft
   9.13. General recommendations about assembly
   9.14. Assembly of a secondary shaft
   9.15. Assembly of primary shaft
   9.16. Assembly, check of a fifth / reverse gear and case
   9.17. Choice of adjusting laying
   9.18. Preliminary tightness of the bearing of differential
   9.19. Adjustment of a preliminary tightness of the bearing
   9.20. Remarks on transmission assembly
   9.21. Differential
   9.22. Gear shifting mechanism
   9.23. Search and elimination of malfunctions
+ 10. АКП G4A–EL
+ 11. АКП 50–40 LE
+ 12. Axes and power shafts
+ 13. Steering
+ 14. Wheels and tires
+ 15. Suspension bracket
+ 16. Body
+ 17. Central air
+ 18. Electric equipment
+ 19. Brake system
+ 20. Electric circuits

9.4. Transmission removal


Sequence of removal of a mechanical transmission

1–storage battery;
2–support of the storage battery;
4–zabornik of fresh air;
5–air filter assembled;
6–socket of the switch of a lamp of a backing;
7–wire of connection with "weight";
8–socket of the sensor of speed;
9–wheel and tire;
12-draft of gear shifting;
13-draft of management of gear shifting;
14-tip of steering draft;
15-earring of fastening of the stabilizer;
16-power shaft;
17-intermediate shaft;
18-angular slip;
19-collector rack;
21-assembly arm of the engine;
22-working cylinder of coupling;
23-support of No. 2 engines;
24-support of No. of 1 engine;
25-support of No. 4 engines;


1. Disconnect first of all a wire from the negative plug of the storage battery, then from the positive. Remove a support of the storage battery.
2. Lift the car and merge transmission oil in suitable capacity.
3. Remove from the engine the top casing.
4. Turn out a bolt and remove a zabornik of fresh air.
5. Remove the air filter assembled.
6. Disconnect the socket of the switch of light of a backing.
7. Turn out a bolt and disconnect a wire of connection with "weight".
8. Disconnect the socket of the sensor of speed of the car.
9. Weaken bolts of fastening of both forward wheels.
10. Lift the car and fix on support.
11. Remove both lobbies of a wheel.
12. Turn out screws and remove both mudguards.
13. Turn out a nut and disconnect from a transmission draft of gear shifting.
14. Turn out a nut and a bolt, remove a clip and disconnect draft of management of gear shifting from a transmission.
15. Unscrew bolts and nuts and remove a cross-piece.
16. Remove шплинт fixings of a nut of fastening of a tip of steering draft.


Keen edges of a stripper can cut a dustproof cover of a tip of steering draft. Establish a stripper so that keen edges were between a dustproof cover and a rotary fist.

17. Unscrew a nut that it became aflush from the end of a spherical finger. By means of a stripper squeeze out a tip of steering draft from a rotary fist.
18. Turn out nuts and disconnect the left and right tips of steering drafts from rotary fists.
19. Turn out a nut from each party and disconnect earrings of the stabilizer of cross-section stability.
20. Turn out a coupling bolt of fastening of a finger of the spherical hinge of the bottom lever. Wrap up a rag dustproof consolidation of the spherical hinge.
21. Mount wring out the bottom lever down and separate a hinge pin from a rotary fist from two parties of the car.


Keen edges of a lock ring of a power shaft can cut or damage oil consolidation. Be careful at removal of a power shaft.

22. Insert mount between the internal CV JOINT of a power shaft and a transmission and easy blow on mount take a power shaft from a transmission. For an exception of free sagging by a soft wire tie up a power shaft to a body.
23. Turn out bolts and remove a support of a power shaft from the block of cylinders of the engine.
24. Turn out bolts and remove a collector rack.
25. Turn out bolts of fastening of a starter and remove it.
26. Turn out bolts of fastening of the working cylinder of coupling.
27. Move the working cylinder of coupling and the pipeline to such place where they will not disturb transmission removal.
28. Before removal of an assembly arm of the engine by means of the AA0 adaptation ОК201 170 support the engine.
29. Remove an assembly arm of the engine,
30. Unscrew a support of the engine and incline the engine to a transmission.
31. Support a transmission a jack.
32. Turn out bolts of fastening of a transmission.
33. Being careful, separate a transmission from the engine and slowly lower it under the car.